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Dear Guest

Post  DireW0IfNymeria on Tue 01 Mar 2016, 5:40 am

Hello Guest, I would like to welcome you to Destination Gamer forum, DG are a newly established gaming forum with a relaxed outlook on gaming [Established. 2016] - I would like to say you are now a couple of seconds away from becoming a member, There are lots of benefits of this which include, access to the latest Gaming News which will be brought to you from gaming websites, Latest game trailers and much more, We will also be having a page on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

We are going to be active on most games for the Xbox One, while playing games for the Xbox 360 when they become available to play on the Xbox One.

So if you have any questions or would  like a chat, please feel free to drop a post on this section.

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