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About Destination Gamer

Post  DireW0IfNymeria on Tue 01 Mar 2016, 5:53 am

Hello and welcome to Destination Gamer,

Destination Gamer is a community for all types of gamers, whether you are new to gaming/communities, laid back or just here for the banter! Destination Gamer is a friendly place for all adults looking to interact with fellow, like minded gamers. Sign up and start having fun.

Destination Gamer is a casual gaming community for all ages 18+ who share one common interest, Gaming. Be it relaxing online or unwinding after a hard days work! We are a casual gaming community, which just want's to bring the fun back into gaming.

Ok so how did Destination Gamer come about?

This site was set up by a mature gamer in March 2016, having been a gamer for many years.

Since becoming an Xbox gamer I did have find that a lot of the people out there take games too seriously, and not always in a good way. Due to this I wanted to create a community for those, to not only meet relaxed and mature individuals to arrange games with but also, to have a place where people can come kick back and enjoy the banter and friendly atmosphere!

Here at Destination Gamer the most important aspect is our member satisfaction, we are not going to be just another gaming community, we want to be different, have that personal touch, DG is what the members make it! To give you the best member experience, speak up, let us know what you want to see, so we the staff can do everything we can to ensure you the Members get the best online experience!

Thank you for reading.


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